The Circle

An intimate, 8-week intuitive journey designed for parents who are ready to rise up and ask for more. More support. More connection. More joy. More community. It’s for those willing to get messy and bravely unpack the stories that are keeping you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and burnt out. Because I firmly believe that when we're supported, heard, affirmed, challenged, and held in vibrant communities, we can make our way back to ourselves, our needs, our desires and our empowered, intuitive self.


The Embodied Collective

This is not therapy but rather an intuitive journey, a community of growth and learning, a healing space for you to unfold, unravel if need be, and to piece yourself back together as your learn to trust yourself & your instincts, value your needs and your desires, and believe in your goodness, your wisdom, your worth and your fierce and resilient heart.

Imagine what it would be like to release all of the stuff that’s been holding you back and step with complete confidence into your most authentic life knowing that a tribe of compassionate, loving friends are there cheering you on, supporting you and are ready to catch you at all times. 

There will be loads of practical strategies and exercises to guide you along the way. And while this isn't therapy, I will be teaching many of the same tools I share with my clients. Tools that will leave you feeling more equipped to handle the challenges & stressors inherent in our parenting journey.

Because sometimes the healing we really need comes from those small courageous moments when we allow ourselves to be held up and seen by those who really get it, who've been there, and who are willing to get messy and vulnerable right alongside us.

You're in the right place!

How It Works

Every week we'll gather together as a group for a 90-minute zoom call, holding space for you, your story, your hopes and dreams, your fears and loss, and your desires for all that your parenting journey can be

Live Zoom Calls

Every week you'll get access to a short video lesson to guide our content for the week. Topics include: unpacking our origin story as parents, stress & the nervous system, self-compassion & mindfulness, identity & relationships, and so much more 

Weekly Content

This is a space for you to connect outside of our weekly calls and the Facebook group. To share your wins and just pop in to say hi. And it's yours to keep long after this group is over - because, with tending, this group is yours for life. 

Voxer Chat

"Natalie's ability to quickly connect with each individual is beautiful and unique. It is not always easy to find support in the way she works to provide it. I always felt heard, and cared for in each moment, and importantly reminded that I am a mother and an individual person and it is possible to be both."  


so they say:

This Journey Is For You If...


You're ready to give yourself permission to ask for more, to examine your desires, meet your needs, dream your dreams, & reimagine what it all can be. And after the year we've all had, parents everywhere are needing this now more than ever!

You're commited to healing & growth

Maybe your parenting journey hasn't gone exactly as planned; maybe things have been harder than you ever imagined. This is a safe space to share your stories, to process the hard stuff, to dig deep and unearth your strength and resilience, as well as the joy & magic of parenting.


The best asset this group has to offer you is not me, but all the amazing parents you'll meet, whose stories you'll learn and whose hearts you'll hold dear.

You Aspire to Parent with intention

You've read all the parenting books, you follow all the conscious parenting accounts, but the unrealistic pressure to get it all right feels so overwhelming. This is a space to reconnect with what really matters to you.

you want practical tools that actually work

We'll talk mindset, mindfulness, self-compassion, somatic exercises to help you regulate your nervous system - all of the tools I teach my 1:1 clients will be accessible to you.

Space is limited to 30 participants - sign up today for $347

The Next 8-Week Circle Starts Summer 2021

The Next 8-Week Circle Starts Summer 2021

I’m so excited for you to join us on this journey! Committing to growth, being a part of an incredibly kind, compassionate and inspiring community and getting the support you need to FLOURISH on your parenthood journey!

Isn't it time you made time for you?

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Week 1: Your Story (Sharing our Origin Stories as Parents)
Week 2: Reclaiming our Needs & Desires
Week 3: Perfectionism, Values & Intuitive Parenting
Week 4: Stress, Trauma & The Nervous System
Week 5: Regulation, Mindfulness & Somatic Tools
Week 6: EmotionsShame & Self-Compassion
Week 7: Mindset, Thoughts & Limiting Beliefs
Week 8: Boundaries, Intentions & Reflections On Healing

A Sample Of The
Weekly Content:

I'd be so honoured to have you join us!

Bonus #1: Infant & Toddler Sleep Support

Paula is a Sleep Specialist who focuses on helping parents understand their baby and toddlers' biological needs and support them at bedtime without sleep training
Paula uses her background as an Early Childhood Educator, experience as a mama, and her certification as a Baby Led Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist to bring you a holistic approach to sleep. Her mission is to disrupt the mainstream parenting narratives and show parents that THEY have everything they need for their babies. You can find all her wonderful resources @newparadigmmotherhood

You'll get access to a bonus 1-hour live call with Infant & Toddler Sleep Specialist Paula Morales where we'll talk about all things sleep and host a Q&A to answer all your questions

Bonus #2: Using The Power of Connection To Help Children Thrive

Dr. Tamara Soles is a psychologist, parent coach and mom of twins living in Montreal, Canada. She is the founder of The Secure Child Center For Families and Children and the host of the podcast, This Hour has 50 minutes. Tamara is also the creator of the online parenting course “No More Power Struggles: Using Positive Parenting and the Power of Connection to Help Your Child Thrive”. She earned her PhD in child clinical and school psychology from McGill University in Montreal and worked for many years in the Early Childhood Mental Health clinic at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

You'll also get access to a bonus zoom call with child psychologist Dr. Tamara Soles, where we'll talk about all things connection, positive parenting, and tools to help your littles thrive

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